Because websites shouldn’t be just something you tick off on your list and forget!


When did you last update your site?

Would you know if your website went down?

Would you know there had been a security breach on your website?

Website maintenance isn’t the most glamorous subject to talk about and a bit like servicing your car, you leave it until it actually has to be done or something goes wrong.  Knowing that most people are happy to ignore this important task, I have created a solution for you – a regular subscription package so I can look after your site for you!  As long as you have a WordPress site, it doesn’t need to have been designed by me for me to look after it …

Included within your regular maintenance will be the following: 


Back Ups

If I originally built your site then I will have made sure that back-ups were included within your hosting package. However if someone else designed the site for you, this may not be the case.  I will therefore make sure there is a backup in case something goes wrong or if when updating the plugins they clash and bring down the site (which sometimes they do!).

Wordpress Plugins

Really, these need updating as well?  If your WordPress plugins are not updated regularly then this could leave your site open to security vulnerabilities or may mean that your site isn’t working as it should be.

WordPress Theme

Oh yes! This should be updated too!  If you have a paid theme which was originally used to build your site, this subscription may need to be renewed as well.

Admin Users

Do you know who has Admin access to your site.  Do you realise what someone with Admin access to your site could do maliciously?  Our dashboard shows us exactly who has access and if it’s someone you would rather we removed (say an ex-employee), they can be.


We know that all your links once worked because they were checked when the site went live but over time, people can change their domain names or links break.  Our link-checker monitors them to check they’re working

Security Check

Even though you may have a security plugin, it’s always important to regularly check that there isn’t any malware on your site.

Up Time Monitor

How long would your website be down until you realised that it wasn’t working?  How many customers would you have lost? With alerts set up, I will be notified if this happens.  If it’s occurring regularly then a discussion with your hosting company may be necessary.


You can choose a number of SEO words and we can monitor how they are doing over time and analyse how they’re working.  If they’re not getting the response you’d like it might be time to review your site content.


It is worth checking the speed and performance of your site to ensure that your visitors are able to access your site quickly and it is not taking too long to load.  Sometimes images may be slowing a site down or the hosting (which had seemed like such a good deal) is now really slow and needs to be reviewed.


All this information will be included in your regular update including some basic Google Analytics.  Over time you can gain a great overview of what’s happening with your site and whether the content needs refreshing or your images may need attention.  If you’d like to have a more regular, indepth analysis of your Google Analytics, then I can also set this up as an additional package for you.

Yes! My website needs looking after