Effective Targeting on Facebook & Instagram

Meta (Facebook) Ads Strategy

Struggling to get your business heard in the noisy, digital advertising market? At a time when organic reach on social media is falling, Facebook (and Instagram) advertising can be an effective way to reach your target audience whether for brand awareness, social media page growth or e-commerce promotion and short-term retargeting. 

Often we hear “Oh Facebook Ads don’t work for us” but Facebook advertising isn’t just about randomly using the “boost post” function and it’s never going to work if you don’t have the essential Facebook pixel on your website.

Running Ads through your business’s own Meta Business Manager means that you gather (and keep) valuable data enabling precision targeting of your potential customers with a resultant increase of visitors to your business.  Paid advertising makes sure that your ads are shown to the correct target audience and that you don’t waste your money showing ads to people who have no interest in what you’re selling.  

Make sure you keep one step ahead of your competitors in this busy online advertising space.

Working on a monthly retainer (with a minimum of three months to really get things going),  managing your Facebook and Instagram advertising includes:


  • initial consultation to understand your business and your business goals
  • help with verification of your domain (post iOS 14/15  updates in 2021/22)
  • if necessary, setting up the Facebook Pixel
  • if required, help setting up your own Facebook Business Manager
  • strategy creation
  • thoughtful budget management
  • testing and refining of different types of Ads and creative (sometimes the results are not immediate). These ads may include basic traffic campaigns to your website, Lead Gen Ads if your website isn’t at its best, ads to landing pages, conversion campaigns and catalogue creation (and retargeted ads) if you have an e-commerce site
  • where appropriate, creating social proofing for Ads
  • creating different types of audiences using the Facebook pixel on your site
  • funnel creation for high and low value products
  • regular reporting of ad results and continued suggestions and ideas
  • ongoing strategy and feedback

I often work with clients on both their website development and updates alongside their Facebook and Google advertising along with their email marketing, therefore providing a seamless, all encompassing, experience.

Ready to get started with Facebook Ads?

If you’re looking to take your business advertising to the next stage with a trained and experienced Facebook Ads Manager, and are planning a minimum monthly ad spend of £1000, then let’s talk through your plans and see how we can work together.