Digital Refresh

Keeping Your Business Up to Date Online

Digital Refresh

When was the last time you ran a digital audit of your website, social media marketing and online presence?  Your business will definitely have expanded in directions that you initially hadn’t thought of and contracted in other areas, which haven’t turned out to be as profitable as you’d like and it is important that what you showcase online accurately reflects your current business.  Otherwise, this could be impacting your business financially.

Why not engage an independent expert to have a look at your online presence, let them to hear what you’re up to and see where you’re going?  Here’s where we come in.  Offering impartial, jargon-free, up-to-date information we are able to advise on what things you might like to change and to confirm what’s working and how to enhance it.

Just don’t have enough time to think about this sort of thing? We can help by updating your existing site, offering positive pointers for your social media marketing and Facebook advertising, sorting out your Google Ads, having a look at your Google Analytics, brainstorming some great blog ideas and tidying up your Mailchimp mailings.  Alternatively, we can provide a regular and ongoing Digital Refresh service to make sure your business is always ahead of the competition.   

Here’s what we suggest …



  • Initial Meeting to discuss your business, where your concerns are in relation to your online presence and what your future plans are
  • Subsequent Website Audit with feedback to include positive suggestions on how to update your site
  • Social Media Audit with feedback to include creative recommendations on how to improve your social media presence
  • Short review of your recent email campaigns with recommendations.
  • Discussion and analysis of any recent blogs


  • Rewrite the content to reflect your current and future business plans
  • Advice on the creation and execution of future blogs
  • Health check of your site to ensure links and navigation, etc are working correctly
  • Search Engine Optimisation – can this be improved?
  • Your Google My Business Page – update and optimise (or create)
  • Analysis or implementation of Google Analytics
  • Site speed – can this be improved?
  • Option to completely renew and update your website
  • Quarterly or semi-annual MOT of your site option


  • Discussion of Facebook and Instagram objectives and budget – any concerns?
  • Review of previous adverts – what worked and what didn’t
  • Monthly management of the advertising account (minimum three month ad management)
  • Creation of strategy and audiences
  • Creation of adverts
  • Testing and delivery of adverts
  • Analysis and reporting

Ready to Refresh?

Let’s have an exploratory call to see how the digital side of your business can be updated